Hold On To Sixteen (E52)

Hold On To Sixteen
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Episode fifty-two, after the performance of We Are Young.
Aired December 6, 2011
Directory Season Three, Episode 8

Hold on to Sixteen is Season Three's ninth episode which aired on December 6, 2011.

[edit] Information

Quinn is walking through the halls and asks Rachel Berry how she's still on school grounds. Rachel tells her that she is allowed on school if she's getting her work. Rachel then says that she's still open for vocal lessons if Quinn need it, especially with Sectionals coming up.

Quinn rejects the offer and says that she knows how to get Shelby Corcoran, the director of The Troubletones fired. The "secret" Noah Puckerman told Quinn last episode is confirmed to be that Shelby and him slept together. Rachel says that the rumor is a nasty one and that she shouldn't spread it. Quinn says it's not a rumor and that she plans to use it to sabatoge Shelby's household and get Beth Corcoran, her daughter, back. Rachel is very upset about this and pleads Quinn not to.

Finn Hudson is talking to Will Schuester in the practice room. "We need star powers," Finn says. "We need Sam Evans." He tells Will that he knows where Sam is and that it's not too far from where they're at. "Even homeless people have facebook," he teases as he walks out.

Kurt is talking to Blaine at Lima Bean about how him and Rachel have no chances of getting a future. Likewise, though very rarely seen, Blaine is complaining about how the group is in shambles and how he's powerless to help out. He vents that Finn gives him "these eyes" every time he opens his mouth like, "what is he doing?"

During their talk Sebastion Smythe joins in. He jokingly adds that he was checking out a guy and that it happened to be Blaine, waiting to the last second to say hello to Kurt. Blaine congrats Sebastion for getting the Warbler Award. Blaine gets up to get more coffee.

While Blaine is no longer there Kurt immediately lets his hatred towards Sebastion get out, "I don't like you." Sebastion simply smiles and returns the phrase to Kurt. Kurt explains that he doesn't like Sebastion talking to his boyfriend. Sebastion comes back to say that Kurt not good enough for Blaine and that New Directions is a joke. He promises Kurt that by the end of the year he'll have both a sectionals trophy and Blaine as his boyfriend. Blaine returns and the two both stop their imprecations at one another.

Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry enter a bar that Sam Evans is supposed to work at. Initially, Finn is confused and thinks that they have the wrong place. Rachel assures him that bars here are attended by performers to get more attention and that Sam is here.

An announcer announces a few men from behind a screen whom Rachel now knows to be male strippers. Clueless, Finn believes this is just a bar with performers. Rachel, scared, simply says, "oh god no," before Sam Evans reappears to the season from behind the screen, too. White Chocolate, otherwise known as Sam Evans, appear on stage and strip their clothing.

Rachel offers him a dollar and he immediately gets embarassed. He says that he's good at what he does and that it gives him the money that he needs. Yeah, he's embarassed, but he enjoys the money. Finn begs him to come back to New Directions because he's throwing his life away.

The three make their way to Sam's house where Rachel begs his parents to let him return to Ohio for sectionals. She offers one of their houses for Sam to stay at, so he wouldn't have to be homeless. His dad asks Finn and Rachel to go into the other room. He says that they've had a really tough year but that they're now back on their feet. His dad is proud of Sam and how he had to become a man much faster than other kids. His parents allow him to go as long as it is what makes him happy. They embrace in a warm hug.

In the practice room Quinn tells the kid that they for sure have the win. The others look confused until Sam makes his appearance and the kids run to him in glee. He says that he lost his way for awhile but that Finn and Rachel found him. Sam Evans sings Red Solo Cup as they celebrate his reappearance. The only one who doesn't embrace the fun atmosphere seems to be Kurt Hummel.

Santana Lopez enters and insults Sam about how large his mouth is. Despite her insults he hugs her and says he missed her.

Quinn passes Shelby in the hallway and eyes her. She tells Sam that Mercedes Jones has a boyfriend and that she's single. Quinn knows that he'll be a good father to Beth, but Sams she has "rich white girl problems." He tells her that she needs to enjoy her one and only year as a senior, not worry about the future.

Tina Cohen-Chang tells Mike Chang that he should send in applications to colleges for his dancing. He says that he applied to Stanford for pre-med because his family is getting split apart. Tina begs him that he shouldn't be a coward and that he needs to commit to dancing 100%. "Maybe he is right," Tina says, trying to provoke Mike into changing his mind. "Yeah, maybe he is. Right about us breaking up," Mike replies, leaving a frustrated Tina alone in the hallway.

Will is helping New Directions with their dancing. Noah Puckerman quits dancing and asks why they're dancing if they're only going to lose without the girls. Rory Flanagan chimes in to say how appealing girls are when they're dancing around on screen, preventing you from looking away. Will takes the idea and uses it to try and see how they as a group look good.

Sam breaks in and says that they need to sell "sex". He performs a "sexy" body roll which some of the guys agree to enjoying. Blaine says that they shouldn't have to resort to 'that', but Sam Evans says that when you're desperate you occasionally need to. Blaine makes a gross comment about how he only needs to do that to sleep at night. Sam pushes Blaine just before Will Schuester breaks the fighting up. Blaine walks out angry.

Blaine is at the gym punching a punching bag. Finn enters and asks if it's Sam's face. Blaine says that the punching bag is also his face because all Finn's been giving him is crap. Finn apologises and says that Blaine's talent intimidated him. Finn asks if they can all be united and that his voice is an asset to the team. Blaine agrees to getting back to work.

Sam holds Mercedes' hand while they walk down the hall. Mercedes says that he'll always have a place in her heart but that he needs to move on like she did. He yells across the hallway that, "don't care how big your boyfriend is. I'll do what it takes to get you back." Mercedes squeezes her textbooks against her chest and smiles.

Tina walks into Mike Chang Sr.'s office and drops off a bootleg of West Side Story, starring Mike. She tells him that Mike's doing something he hates for the rest of his life because of him and that he's going to die inside. Mike asks if her parent's are supporting her choice to become a performer. Tina rejects his attempt to degrade her hope, saying that "this is what we were born to do." Tina says that he should help his son honor his gift.

In the practice room New Directions are dressed fully in black and white. Mike talks to Tina about how his father almost didn't let him come, and they both agree that they're angry at one another.

The Troubletones enter the practice room. Shelby Corcoran announces that if in the case of a New Direction loss, any of them can join The Troubletones for Regionals. New Directions are extremely angry about this and deny the offer. Will Schuester says that they'd rather focus on winning.

Quinn emerges and assures Shelby that they're not going to win. She says that, with Puck, New Directions will, hinting to Shelby that she knows her secret. A nervous Shelby wishes Will luck and leaves.

At sectionals Rachel Berry is in the audience and says that she is devastated that she can not be in the show.

The judges are announced and then The Unitards and Harmony perform Buenos Aires. Rachel and Kurt are surprised to see Harmony again and are impressed at her performance.

Quinn exits the room and Rachel follows her. Rachel knows that Quinn is going to tell Principle Figgins and impedes her to plead her not to. Rachel doesn't want their friends' hard work going for nothing and thinks that winning shouldn't be something done in this manner. Rachel says that the adult thing to do is to tell Shelby first. Rachel has a taste of what it's like to do the wrong thing, "and it's awful."

Shelby Corcoran is behind the scenes telling someone on the phone that she'll be right there since Beth has a fever. "Guess I'm missing my own victory party," she says when Quinn walks in. Quinn reveals her knowledge on her relationship with Puck and that it's enough to get her fired. Shelby admits to it but says that she is ending it. Quinn tells Shelby that she shouldn't have come back with Beth because it was wrong.

Shelby tells her that her 'young' will slowly go away. Quinn longs to feel old, but Shelby says she won't for long. "I'm going to go enjoy my last few hours as a teacher, and you should enjoy it up there on that stage," Shelby tells Quinn. She says sorry just as she leaves.

The Troubletones are called up on the stage as they perform Survivor/I Will Survive, starring Santana Lopez and Mercedes Jones. Finn tells Blaine that they have this as they're engulfed with cheering for The Troubletones. Sam Evans smiles when he sees Mercedes hit the right notes. When the performance is done the crowd goes wild.

The New Directions are announced on to stage as they perform ABC. Tina and Kurt begin with solos at the front of stage until Mike and the others join in. Mike's father is shown at the performance smiling at Mike's solos.

The crowd gets up to clap along with the song. Sebastion Smythe is shown smiling at Blaine's performance throughout all three songs. Sam Evans then gets front stage and does his "sexy move" to which the crowd goes crazy for. Mercedes puts her face down and smiles.

The song then breaks out when Quinn begins Control. The crowd breaks out again in cheer. Artie Abrams and Blaine take most of the leads in this song.

They then break out singing The Man In The Mirror, starring Finn to begin with. Teh crowd once again breaks out in cheer as Mike Chang Sr., Sebastion and Mercedes are shown. Will Schuester is proudly smiling behind scenes.

Mike's father gets up and applaudes the performance afterwards. Finn gives Blaine a hand shake and Quinn seeks Puck whom she hugs tightly. In the hallways Mike Sr. approuches Tina and Mike to congratulate them, telling them that they both had extraordinary performances. He finally caves into their aspiration and tells them that he'll help in any way. Tina starts this promise by saying she already sent an application in for a dancing college.

The judges then begin by announcing The Unitards as third place. Harmony is surprisingly happy about this ranking and tells Kurt that, at her Sophomore year, will only improve. The Troubletones are then announced as the second place team, leaving New Directions the victors.

The scene cuts to Quinn and Rachel talking about their future. Quinn reveals that she will keep Shelby's secret a secret because she wants the best for Beth, her daughter. She decides to grow up and asks Rachel for a favor.

The two make their way to the girl's bathroom where Mercedes, Brittany and Santana are talking. Quinn convinces the three to grow up and enjoy their last year, so they decide to rejoin New Directions to move on to Regionals with them.

The Troubletones then make an entrance to New Direction's celebratory song, We Are Young. Troubletones begin with singing back up but are brung one by one into the group to sing aloud. Rory brings Brittany in, Quinn brings Mercedes in and then Kurt and Artie bring Sugar in. Santana is the last one to whom Rachel extends a hand to, bringing the four into their group for good.

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