Lindsay Pearce as seen on Glee!
Played By Lindsay Pearce
First Appearance The Purple Piano Project
Currently Dating N/A
Glee Project Runner Up; Two-Episode Appearance

Harmony is a minor character in Glee who is portrayed by the runner up from The Glee Project, Lindsay Pearce, who won a two-episode appearance because of her win.


[edit] Biography

[edit] Season One

Harmony does not appear in Season One.

[edit] Season Two

Harmony does not appear in Season Two.

[edit] Season Three

In The Purple Project, Harmony appears at a NYADA convention, a get-together for musically talented actors who wants to attent the college of New York. When Kurt and Rachel are advised to attend the meeting, they are greeted by the overly enthusiastic Harmony who invited them in eagerly and informs them that they were about to start a piece of theirs, Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do, which Harmony performs extremely well. So much so that it impacts both Kurt and Rachel, crushing their dreams of attending the college. Kurt admits that Harmony was good but that Rachel has the fierce personality to make it through.

In Hold On To Sixteen, Harmony performs Buenos Aires with The Unitards at Sectionals 2011. Though she was given third place, last place, she was happy. When Kurt Hummel asks her about the performance, she admits to only being a sophomore and that she's bound to get better.

[edit] The Glee Project

Through Lindsay Pearce's performance in The Glee Project, she was awarded a two episode appearance and given the character Harmony.

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