Finn Hudson

Finn Hudson
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Cory Monteith as portrayed in Glee
General Information
Gender Male
Age 18
Hair Color brown
Dating Rachel Berry (ex-fiancé; still in love)
Ex-Relationships Quinn Fabray; Santana Lopez; Brittany Pierce (one date)
Family Christopher Hudson (father; deceased); Carole Hudson-Hummel (mother); Burt Hummel (step-father); Kurt Hummel (step-brother)
Friends New Directions
First Appearance Pilot
Played By Cory Monteith

Finn Hudson was the star quarterback of McKinley High School's and lead male singer to New Directions during his high school career.

Finn is currently a graduate from William McKinley High School and has recently forced his ex-girlfriend, Rachel Berry, to leave him for her chance in New York because of his denied application to an acting college. He decided to join the military but was sent home on semi-honorable discharge because of an accidental shooting. He is currently the director of New Directions in Will Schuester's absence.


[edit] Biography

Finn Hudson as seen in the show Glee.

[edit] Season One

[edit] Pilot

Finn is a character presented very early in the show, standing beside his friend, Noah Puckerman, and taking off Kurt Hummel's jacket before he is thrown into the dumpster. Even this early in the show, Finn is obviously uncomfortable with his status as a football player and bully, as seen by his awkward position in this first scene.


When Will Schuester, the spanish teacher and recent revivor of The Glee Club, posts a sign up sheet for aspiring performers in the locker room, he is given a negative response with profanity written on the sheet. Depressed, Will is just about to leave when he over hears Finn Hudson singing I Can't Fight This Feeling in the locker room's showers. The next scene is Will's admittingly darkest moment because he falsely accusses Finn of possessing marijuana, a crime Will suggests will ruin Finn's dreams. Will offers another route, however, and asks if Finn will join New Directions, the glee club, to prevent the former consiquence from occurring.

The next scene is Finn's memories as a child and his admitance to having a hard family life. He says that despite his confident appearance, he is just as emotionally scarred as anyone else. A flash back occurrs and we see Finn with his mother's ex boyfriend singing Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin', Finn's first moment in which he felt a longing to perform. When her ex boyfriend, Darren, left her, it scarred her and left her as a single mother with a child to care for.

Taking what appears to be the better option, Finn joins New Directions. His first performance with the group surprises those within it, especially Rachel Berry who has finally found the male lead she's been looking for.

Later on the football field, Finn's coach, Ken Tanaka, scolds him for missing the following Saturday's game for attending the Glee Club's field trip. When Noah questions what it was about, Finn simply makes the excuse that his mother recently got a prostate remove and needs assistance.

While at the field trip, Rachel Berry tells Finn that he has an amazing voice and was born to perform. When questioned further, Finn states that he has a girlfriend, Quinn Fabray, captain of the Cheerios and also of the Celibacy Club.

When Finn returns to school, Noah Puckerman has discovered that women do not have prostates. For breaking the status quo and lying to him, Noah has the football team surround him and shoot him with paintball guns. When Finn temporarily quits the Glee Club, Noah offers him a chance to return to 'his place', offering him the honors of pushing a portable bathroom over with the handicap student, Artie Abrams, in it. Finn refuses the offer and frees Artie, telling Noah that everyone is losers and that he wants to be more.

Finn returns to New Directions apologetic and is accepted back in the club. He gives each kid a job to better their performance (albeit Tina Cohen-Chang) with the song that he recently chose for them: Don't Stop Believin'. Rachel and him lead the song in the audotorium when Will Schuester over hears it and decides to return to the club, making it active once again.

[edit] Season Two

[edit] Season Three

Finn Hudson in Season Three

[edit] Season Four

Finn Hudson is now an alumni of New Directions and is asked to return upon his desire and is put back on the main cast roles.

[edit] The New Rachel

Finn does not appear in the Season Four premiere but is quite evident in Rachel's growing sorrow over her star-crossed lover; she describes her falling-out with him with Brody Weston, a new boy in Rachel's New York life.

[edit] Britney 2.0

Finn does not appear in the second episode of Season Four either. He is still mentioned, though, when Kurt Hummel appears as Rachel's new roommate and she asks about him; Kurt has talked to him recently and assures Rachel that Finn wants only the best for her, even if that means being separated.

When decorating their new loft, Kurt watches as Rachel paints Finn's name tucked inside a heart. When Brody's love for Rachel comes evident and Rachel's growing doubt gets the best of her, the heart and Finn's name alike are both painted over in Rachel's performance of Everytime.

[edit] Makeover

Finn's first Season Four appearance occurs near the end of this episode when he surprises Rachel with a surprise-visit; an untimely visit, as Rachel is having a romantic dinner with Brody, a possible new love-interest of Rachel's.

[edit] The Break-Up

Finn arrives unexpectedly to Rachel's new apartment after being released from the military with a semi-honorable discharge because he accidentally shot himself in the thigh with his rifle. He spends the night with Rachel in silence, something Rachel later admits to being very awkward. In the morning, Blaine Anderson surprises Kurt with a visit and the four decide to go to a local bar called Call-Backs, a bar many of the NYADA kids spend their Friday nights at.

While at the bar, Rachel asks Finn to sing Give Your Heart a Break with her, claiming that the song sounds much better with two people. Finn declines her request, saying he hasn't sung since Nationals and that he feels intimidated by the kids at NYADA watching. Finn tells Brody to sing it with her. Finn watches Brody and Rachel sing together and then Blaine's very touching rendition of Teenage Dream sung to Kurt. On their walk home, Rachel admits to kissing Brody and Blaine admits to cheating on Kurt. The four sing Don't Speak and return to their rooms in silence. Finn sneaks out in the morning and is caught by Kurt who promises not to tell Rachel anything.

Finn returns to Lima, Ohio and breaks down in Will Schuester's office at William McKinley High School. Will reintroduces Finn to New Directions, old and new faces alike, and tells him that old New Directions members are always welcome back in their time of need. Finn suggests that the group do Grease in their upcoming musical and the kids unanimously agree to the decision.

Rachel walks in on Finn in the auditorium room, claiming that she knew she could find him there because, "we [Finn and Rachel] always end up in the auditorium room." Rachel expresses anger with Finn, hating him for leaving her but respecting that it took true love; she admits, however, to hating the separation that they have and that she can't do it any longer. "You were my first love," she says, "and I'd love for you to be my last." With that Rachel breaks up with Finn, leaving him with his imagination in the auditorium room as he performs The Scientist in his head, imagining the other couples standing alongside him.

[edit] Relationships

[edit] Rachel Berry


Rachel Berry was the nerdy, diva girl who dreams of being Finn's girlfriend throughout season one when Finn, Mr Popularity, was going out with Quinn Fabray, captain of the cheerleading squad, the Cheerios. Rachel Berry's ambition, beauty and spark, however, catches Finn's eye and her longing to be with him is finally obtained and stays strong throughout season two and three for the most part. In Yes/No, Finn also proposes to Rachel who in turn agrees to marrying him. The marriage is temporarily post poned when Rachel is accepted into NYADA and Finn is rejected. Finn displays incredible courage and love when he compels Rachel to continue on with her dreams despite it being without him.

[edit] Quinn Fabray

Quinn was Finn's first girlfriend during Season One. Quinn being the Cheer Captian and Celibacy leader and Finn being the football team's quarterback, they were the most popular couple in William McKinely High School, a feeling Quinn enjoys very much. Ironically, however, Quinn gets impregnated by Noah Puckerman whilst drunk, going against her beliefs and performing an act she had never done with Finn. She mischeviously tells Finn that he is the father, though, and does not say otherwise until much later in the season. Finn goes ahead and acts like a father, trying to improve his grades and get a job. His mother and him even invite Quinn into their home when she is kicked out of her own. Near the end of the season when Noah being the father is revealed, Finn breaks up with her and temporarily quits New Directions as well.

[edit] Santana Lopez

Santana was admittedly Finn's most empty relationship on the show. Santana was initially told by Sue Sylvester to date Finn but later dates him out of hopes to suit the Madonna feeling that Sue has asked her Cheerios to embrace. Though Finn initially denies, Santana persuades him into a hotel room where she takes his virginity. Finn initially denies losing his virginity to Santana when speaking with Rachel, but Santana later admits it and leaves Rachel depressed right before Sectionals.

[edit] Kurt Hummel

Kurt, Finn's stepbrother, is possibly his best friend. Despite Kurt having a crush on Finn for the majority of the first season, they learn to get along really well. During the episode Furt, Finn told Kurt that he had learned the most about being a man from him. They share a relationship in which they learn from each other, and are friends. Finn overcomes the initial fear of having a homosexual as his step brother in this episode and admits his love for Kurt by offering him a dance.

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