Fearlessness (TGP2)

Fearlessness is the sixth episode of The Glee Project and thus the sixth week of season two of The Glee Project. This week tests the remaining contenders' ability to face tough situations and push through them. In this episode, the cast is faced with the daunting task of having to perform despite being hit with slushies, a tradition of Glee and an essential quality for someone looking for a role on Glee.


[edit] The Homework Assignment

This week's homework assignment is Now that we Found Love. This song is a rap song and goes against the traditional vocal range of the contenders. The intention was to see how they faced off against their fear.

[edit] Mentor

This week's mentor is Jane Lynch who plays Sue Sylvester, one of Glee's most fearless cast members. Jane tells the cast that they need to recreate their fear into the best moments of their lives.

[edit] Winner

Jane tells Michael that he hung back as the guy in the group; Aylin is fantastic, but she treated it as an acting lesson as opposed to authenticity; lily made her laugh in a demanding way, and Nellie held back (a repeating note).

Jane decides that Lily Mae Harrington had the best performance and chooses her as winner. Jane decides to confide that she must feel her character more than anything.

[edit] Song

This week's song is a mash up of Hit Me with Your Best Shot and One Way with the addition of slushies. This shoot takes place at a swimming pool and further pushes the casts fears by putting them in bathing suits, as the cast is a part of a swimming team that breaks out into a slushie fight.

[edit] Vocals

Nellie is immediately complimented on her vocals; Abraham is also told he did well. Charlie is chastised once again for lacking professionalism in the vocal booth and Michael is still over thinking his vocals, making his pitch and words off.

[edit] Choreography

Instead of choreography, the cast instead had to be fitted for swim wear. Only Nellie expressed fear for wearing a bathing suit.

[edit] Shoot

The stand outs during the shoot were Lily Mae, who owned the part as swim captain (due to her homework assignment win) and Ali, who despite her disability, worked through the slushies which were not meant to be thrown at her.

Lacking performances were Aylin who got laughy instead of fierce, Nellie who lacked complete confidence and Charlie who continued to be out of focus.

[edit] Last Chance Performances

Ali and Lily are immediately called back for their stand out performances during the shoot, followed closely by Shanna, Blake and Abraham.

The rest of the cast is addressed: Charlie's acting choices continue to be odd; Aylin chose to be silly in a time of seriousness; Nellie had challenges about being fearless and Michael keeps getting the repeated note in the studio with over thinking everything.

The bottom three with their songs are:

  • Nellie - If I were a boy
  • Aylin - Take a Bow
  • Charlie - It's Not Unusual

Aylin is up first who was not completely there during the video. He tells Aylin that she was not getting vulnerable and displaying the week's theme but that her last chance performance was brilliant.

Up next is Charlie who continues to lack professionalism. He is not in the same vibe as the other kids and may not be for the show Glee.

Nellie is last and is on bottom three for her insecurities. She fades away in the group despite her confidence during performances. Ryan praises her for her ability to be amazing with a mic but chastises her for her lack of confidence, telling her that it appears they want her on Glee more than she wants to be on glee.

In the end Charlie is sent home.

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