Extraordinary Merry Christmas (E53)

Extraordinary Merry Christmas
Extraordinary Merry Christmas.jpg
Episode fifty-three, a holiday special
Aired December 13, 2011
Directory Season Three, Episode 10

It's Christmas time at McKinley High and New Directions is asked to perform at two different events - on the same day, at the same time.

Extraordinary Merry Christmas is Season Three's tenth episode which aired on December 13, 2011. Mathew Morrison, the actor of Will Schuester, directed this episode.

[edit] Information

This holiday-special is introduced with Mercedes Jones singing All I Want For Christmas Is You whilst decorating a tree in the choir room. The rest of New Directions join in on the song and throw tinsel, wrapping and more about the room in the holiday spirit. Mercedes wraps tinsel around Sam Evans with a smile.

Rachel is in the hall and hands Finn her christmas list. A flashback occurs where the guys are suggesting present ideas to Finn and Kurt over hears. He tells Rachel and she decides to make a list of fifteen items, five of which Finn can buy her. Her list consists of things like "spray tan, fake teeth," etc. which will hopefully improve her chances of getting into NYADA, her dream college. Finn worries that he won't be able to afford them.

In Sue Sylvester's office Sue "apologizes" to Kurt Hummel, Blaine Anderson and Artie Abrams for "being failures and ruining the songbook." She says that she will be helping out at the Lima Homeless Shelter this Christmas and would love for New Directions to help her with it, giving homeless people the gift of song. The three are initially surprised and interrogate her intentions upon which she describes it being the first without her sister who died last season. Kurt agrees to helping.

In the choir room Rachel praises their work on the Christmas tree with Santana just as Finn comes in saying that Rory Flanagan has an announcement. Rory announces that his mother will not be able to afford a plane ticket and that this will be his first holiday spent alone. To that, he dedicates the song Blue Christmas because of his home-sickness. Santana Lopez comments that the song was very depressing and the other agree. Rachel Berry suggests that they should look at the joyous part of Christmas, not the depressing parts. Tina Cohen-Chang agrees just as Will Schuester comes in and announces that they're on for a broadcast holiday special, with Artie directing it. Artie initially says that he'll need to think about it.

Rory is in the hallway and drops his book. Sam Evans runs to his rescue and picks the fallen objects off the floor. Sam sees Rory's family photographs in his locker and agrees that the longingness for family is hard to do. Sam Evans asks if Rory would like to spend Christmas with him and his family.

Artie Abrams is walking down the hall with the manager when the manager accidentally says, "it's like having a modern day version of Tiny Tim [directing the holiday special]." Artie dismisses the comment due to the holiday spirit and requests that the show feature Chewbacca because "everyone knows the best holiday special is that of Star Wars," and for the show to be entirely in black and white and assosciated with 'Judy Garland Holiday Special'. The Manager agrees as long as it is under $800.

In the April Rhodes Civic Pavilion, Rachel performs River to what appears to be Artie's auditions. Snow is falling from the cieling and the stage is full of christmas themed objects.

Artie calls her over and critiques that the song is much to sad for his vision of a Christmas production. He goes on about how he'd like Blaine and Kurt hosting a party for his friends whom perform only happy renditions of the holiday spririt. He goes on about how Rory should be an elf named Itchy, ending the happy special with more happy.

Sam Evans interrupts, saying that Frosty is not a happy story - he dies at the end. Sam says that it's the sad memories that allow you to remember the good ones, and thus are just as important to Christmas as the happy songs. Artie doesn't consider this comment and goes on about how only good songs will be in the performance. Sam leaves because "he's not buying into it," and asks Rory to join with him. Rory simply says that he has lines to remember and that he can't.

Finn Hudson sarcastically complains about Artie's "scrouge-ness" to Rachel who agrees. She says that it'd be a shame if she couldn't have "sparkle" to herself - as she reveals her ears, indication her desire for earings - while performing on television. Finn smiles and gives her a present. Finn Hudson gives Rachel a "pig" which she can 'fat up' and feed a family. She doesn't accept the gift and goes on about how he needs to get her 'bling'.

In the choir room Blaine Anderson and Rachel Berry perform Extraordinary Merry Christmas (Song). This is her redone audition to get her part in Artie's special. Artie says that this rendition of Christmas feeling is perfect and that it's just what he's looking for.

Sue Sylvester walks in while Artie is talking, thinking that they're practicing for the homeless shelter. She asks if Artie can confirm that they're on for Friday night, but Artie says that that's the date their doing their spectacular for Lima PBS. Sue is upset that they're abandoning the homeless, but the group is consent with doing what seems like the better option - do the christmas special. Only Quinn Fabray sounds appears upset about this.

The Holiday Spectacular opens up starring the members of New Directions through a Star Wars themed episode. Only Sam and Quinn aren't in the show. The show opens up with Blaine and Kurt singing Let It Snow in their house. The song ends and they greet their 'guests', the other member of New Directions, and invite them in their house. Mercedes gives Kurt a necklace and Rachel gives Blaine a bow tie. They then sing My Favorite Things.

Blaine then points out the oncoming snow and the possibility of Santa not being able to deliver presents this year. Bells ring and Finn Hudson and Noah Puckerman enter, dressed as Star Wars character. They say resemblance is only a coincidence, though. They then sing Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. Another bell rings and Brittany Pierce, Tina and Mike, Santana and other Cheerios enter singing Christmas Wrapping. Lastly, Rory enters as Itchy the elf. Instead of singing Frosty the Snowman, he recites part of the Bible. This reminds the audience what Christmas is truly about.

Quinn Fabray and Sam Evans are at the homeless shelter, dishing food to homeless people. Sam is proud of how Quinn turned her life around, saying, "You deserve good, Quinn."

New Directions are able to attend and they bring a christmas tree and turkey. Artie Abrams say that they have one more song to sing, Do They Know It's Christmas?. Everyone in the room is smiling, portraying the perfect image of what Christmas is about. Kids and adults alike join in the song as they hand presents out.

Rachel Berry tells Finn that what's important is that she's sorry for asking for such high demanding presents. She named the pig Barbra, after her role model, and enjoys it very much. Finn is happy, but he also bought another present so that Rachel can have something to show for this Christmas.

Rachel opens up a card and reveals that Finn Hudson got her a star. She asks if he named it after her to which he responds, "well, I thought about that, but then I named it Finn Hudson. There's already a star named Rachel Berry." He tells her that no matter where she is, she'll always be able to see that he's looking down upon her. She accepts the gift with a smile. He then goes on about how if she can't see the star, "these should shine just as bright." He presents her with the earings she wanted. She says that it's too much for one girl and that it's time for her to give. She leads him out of the hallway.

Sam and Rory are on the street talking about how their homesick. Rory asks if Sam will be his Valentine sponsor too just as Finn and Rachel appear. Rachel returned their presents for Christmas and gives the money to Sam and Rory who are santas on the side of the street. They give Rachel and Finn bells and the four agree that it's the best Christmas ever!

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