Emma Pillsbury

Emma Pillsbury
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Emma Pillsbury as seen on Glee
General Information
Gender Female
Age 32
Hair Color Red
Dating Will Schuester
Ex-Relationships Ken Tanaka; Carl Howell
Family Rusty Pillsbury (Father), Rose Pillsbury (Mother), Unamed brother
Friends New Directions, Shannon Beiste, Will Schuester
First Appearance Pilot
Played By Jayma Mays

An obsessive compulsive Guidance Counselor, Emma is a good friend of Will Schuester's and great supporter of the Glee club.


[edit] Biography

Emma Pillsbury as seen in the Television Show Glee.

[edit] Before the Show

Before the show, Emma reveals that an incident with her brother left her with O.C.D., obsessive compulsive disorder, making her a germaphobe. The habit of cleaning everything she sees often got in the way of her career, friends and most of all, relationships. Despite her old age, Emma admits to being a virgin, and sees her disorder as the primary reason of being one.

[edit] Season One

[edit] Season Two

[edit] Season Three

In Yes/No, Emma accidentally reveals her longing for Will Schuester, her boyfriend, to propose to her whilst in the Teacher's Loung of William McKinley High School. Over hearing this, Will becomes increasingly happy as he debates whether or not to pop the question.

Will immediately heads over to his New Directions meeting and proposes his thoughts to the kids. They scream in delight as he assigns them their next task: to come up with a performance for his proposal to Emma. He tells them that she's expecting it to be perfect. Will then asks Emma's parents who try to sway Will away from marrying her. Will, assuming it's because of him, is surprised when they tell him that it's Emma they're worried about - how will her OCD affect a family, and will she be able to cope with it?

Pondering over this quite obviously, Emma believes Will will not propose. She is surprised later in the episode when New Directions perform a swim routine and Will, dressed in all white, asks if she'd like to marry him. She happily says yes.

[edit] Relationships

Though Emma has a rare amount of relationships, she does foolishly marry the school's football coach to get Will Schuester jealous. She eventually divorces him, seeing the mistake she made.

Eventually, her and Will get the spotlight, but only for a minute. Just as they start to date, Will cheats on her with former coach of Vocal Adrenalin, Shelby Corcoran. Emma is outraged and tells Will that he needs to settle down before getting in a relationship.

In the season 1 finale, Emma tells Will Schuester that she is with her dentist, Carl Howell. But soon after, Carl found out her true feelings for Will, and they broke up.

Emma is currently single again and she and Will are again, good friends.

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