David Martinez

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David Martinez
David Martinez.jpg
Ricky Martin as seen on Glee
Played By Ricky Martin
Occupation Spanish Teacher
First Appearance The Spanish Teacher
Currently Dating N/A

[edit] Biography

David Martinez as seen on the television show, Glee.

[edit] Season Three

[edit] The Spanish Teacher

During The Spanish Teacher, David's first appearance, he is revealed to be a night school spanish teacher at William McKinley High School that Will enrolls in to better his spanish and his probability of a raise as well. David is immediately praised for his good looks, incredible spanish and sparkly white teeth that he obtained from his days as a tooth model.

After meeting him, Will Schuester asks David for coffee. David reveals that he is from Ohio but raised by a household that spoke only spanish, hence his native-sounding tongue. David continues by saying he learned english through television shows that sang, and he soon evolved a love for singing and dancing. David tells Will that if he wants his kids to understand spanish more, teaching them through means of singing will have them speaking spanish without them even realizing it.

Acting upon David's words, Will invites David to Glee Club and has the kids sing spanish-related songs. Santana Lopez, interested in David and also disappointed by Will's inability to speak Spanish, complains to Principle Figgins about Will as the Spanish Teacher. Will discovers this later in the episode, accepts that he truly doesn't have a passion for spanish and decides to give it up for a history opening at McKinley. In his place David Martinez is offered the position, a dream of his. He hugs Will passionately and thanks him.

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