Dani Shay

Dani Shay
Dani Shay.jpg
Dani Shay, as seen on The Glee Project
Age 23
Hometown Orlando, Florida
Date Eliminated June 12, 2012

Dani Shay was a contendor in The Glee Project's second season. Dani was eliminated on June 12, 2012 during the second episode, Dance-ability (TGP2).


[edit] About

Dani has been performing since fifth grade when she placed second in her first talent show. Dani uses comedy and rap to spice her performances up and utilized this uniqueness to make it to the top 48 of America's Got Talent (2011). This advance in her career acquired Dani a following of fans.

Dani expresses a desire to be on Glee and to play the role of a androgynous female act that walks away from a mormon upbringing.

[edit] Songs Performed

Like those who made it to the second episode, Dance-ability (TGP2), Dani performed Edge of Glory during call backs, Here I Go Again by Whitesnake and Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO.

[edit] Last Chance Performances

Dani Shay, being a contendor for only two weeks, was forced to sing only once for Ryan Murphy. Dani, during Dance-ability, was called out for failing to keep up with her dance moves and not appearing the part she was put in. Ryan asked the question of whether her individuality would be versatile or not, bringing forth the question of whether or not a role could work for her.

[edit] Homework Assignments

During Dani's time on the show, she did not win a single Homework Assignment.

[edit] Elimination Date

June 12, 2012; the second week of season two of The Glee Project.

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