Dance-ability (TGP2)

Dance-ability is the second episode of The Glee Project season two. Season one winner Samuel Larsen guest mentors "Dance-ability" week. A passionate kiss spurs jealousy as the group performs LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem".


[edit] The Homework Assignment

Week two's assignment is We Got the Beat by the Gogos. Taryn's stress from home sickness and missing her mother compels her to leave the night of practicing for the assignment.

[edit] Mentor

Robert Herrick tells the kid that the mentor this week is someone experienced with Dance-ability. Glee's Joe Hart and Season One winner Samuel Larsen appears to mentor this week and choose the winner. Like Rachel before him, Samuel pleads with the kids to shine their individuality rather than hide it.

[edit] Winner

Samuel comments that Tyler is a 'proper nerd' but that he needs to own it more. He tells Aylin that she was very cute with her moves. Abraham is told that he was dancing not only with his feet but his whole body. He tells Shanna that she has sensuality.

He chooses Abraham as the winner. While practicing with Samuel, Abraham was given the advice to follow the music rather than over think the song.

[edit] The Song

This week the kids were faced with LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem and expressing their flexibility and dance moves. This task is foreign to most Glee Project contenders and is an extremely stressful week due to this. The only person given vocal criticism was Lily who failed to control her timing and pitch.

During the shoot, Dani, Tyler and Abraham all performed uncomfortably given their situation and posed the question of whether they can be versatile enough to be on Glee. When the choreography came on, Zach Adlee was extremely disappointed.

This song features the kids at Abraham's house party.

[edit] Last Chance Performances

When Robert, Nikki, and Zach came out to announce the bottom three they confided in the group that they were shocked at how horrible their performance was

Despite the failure, there were a few standouts. Aylin, Shanna, Blake and Michael are called back for performing well this week. Alli, Charlie and Mario were all called back as well.

Dani and Nellie were called out for not appearing like they were in the atmosphere of the shoot. Tyler is called out once again for not performing comfortably with his new body. Lily was called out for her strange moves. Abraham was told that he "didn't happen." Abraham and Nellie were put on the callback lists.

That leaves the following on bottom three.

Dani is asked to show her uniqueness can be versatile; Tyler is still asked to feel comfortable in his body; Lily is asked to be versatile and to perfect her voice control.

Up first is Dani. Her adaption to situations is dead. Ryan tells Dani that her talent is indisputable. He tells her that she is a artist but maybe not a performer.

Up second is Tyler who is notably doing better. Ryan says, "I think you came up like 3,000 percent!" Ryan doesn't like how he's so secure.

Last is Lily who did great in the Homework Assignment but then failed to reach expectations during the performance. Ryan and Zach don't like how Lily is fighting with those sticking with her. Ryan's only comments are if he cuts someone because of their attitude.

The person not called back is Dani Shay.

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