Dalton Academy Warblers

Dalton Academy Warblers
The Dalton Academy Warblers, as seen on Glee.
First Appearance Never Been Kissed
Type Glee Club
Competitions Tied 2010 Sectionals
First Place 2011 Sectionals
Second Place 2011 Regionals
Second Place 2012 Regionals

The Dalton Academy Warblers' is a glee club from the school Dalton Academy. The school is a private, all male school which houses many homo-sexual students because of this. The school is located in Westerville, Ohio. They are a very classy Glee Club that only performed at certain events before Kurt Hummel joined and requested to sing in public areas as well. The club does not have a director, as seen by other glee clubs, but has three senior members run the club.

Dalton Academy Warblers is known for its "no bullying" policy which, under no circumstance, allows for anyone to be treated differently or unfairly. Every student within the school is seen as just that - a human, regardless of orientation, sexual preference, appearance, etc. This rule persuades Kurt Hummel to join in Season Two when his dispute with the school's bully, David Karofsky gets out of hand and Kurt's life is threatened. Kurt Hummel returns to William McKinley High School near the end of season two and Blaine Anderson follows suit as of season three.

Tufts University Beelzebubs are used as the singing voices in season two but are removed for the actors themselves in season three.


[edit] Biography

[edit] Season Two

When Will Schuester informs the New Directions of this years Sectionals competition, Dalton Academy, [[Kurt Hummel Decides to spy on them. Once there Kurt is amazed at their zero-tolerance on bullying, partly because of his current issue with Dave Karofsky, McKinley's bully who has threatened Kurt. Kurt eventually decides to join Dalton Academy because of his fear of Dave.

[edit] Season Three

In Season Three, Dalton Academy is seen in First Time when Blaine Anderson revisits the school to invite the Warblers to West Side Story, a play at McKinley High School. Once there, Blaine discovers that the Warblers have invited new members to sing with them, particularly Sebastion Smythe, a freshman at Dalton Academy who is sexually interested in Blaine.

It is evident that Dalton Academy has focused more directly on a group performance instead of singling out any single member in their song like they did with Blaine in Season Two.

In Michael, Sebastion Smythe leads the Warblers to torment New Directions just before Regionals as the two groups compete for the opportunity to perform a Michael Jackson song, an idea originally produced by New Directions but stolen by Sebastion. Sebastion uses fake images of a naked-Finn and threats the group to back out. During a performance, he attempts to throw a rock-induced slushie at Kurt but accidentally hits Blaine who needs surgery because of it. In anger, Santana records Sebastion admitting to filling the slushie with rocks and shows the Warblers who perform Black and White, feeling disappointed in their leader. When Dave Karofsky attempts suicide, Sebastion changes heart and backs out of performing Michael Jackson and instead dedicates their performance of Glad You Came to Dave. They take second place at regionals.

[edit] Head Council

The Head council acts in place of a club director.

[edit] Season Two

Each year the Warblers announce three new "head council" members who are seniors to lead the club in its direction. In 2010-2011, Thad, Wesley and David are the three members elected. The three are seen to be very close-minded towards change with the club, but they soon calm down and open up to ideas. They're a very well rounded group of people who take charge of the singers and decide which songs they will be singing as well as who will be singing the songs.

[edit] Season Three

As of Michael, it is revealed that Sebastion Smythe is the new head council of The Warblers. Sebastion goes out of his way to torment New Directions, saying he's, "not interested in playing nice." This mindset changes when Dave Karofsky commits suicide and Sebastion feels partially accountable.

[edit] Competitions

Dalton Academy competes against The Hipsters and the New Directions at the 2010 Western Ohio Sectionals Championship. Dalton Academy competes singing Hey, Soul Sister and ties in first place with New Directions, sending both of them to Regionals.

While at Regionals 2011, the Warblers performed Candles and Raise Your Glass, featuring Blaine and Kurt. Their performance got them second place.

In 2011-2012's Regionals, the Warblers perform Stand and Glad You Came, coming second just behind New Directions.

[edit] Members

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