Cameron Mitchell

Cameron Mitchell
Cameron Mitchel.jpg
Age  21
Hometown  Fortworth, Texas
Date Eliminated  July 31, 2011

Cameron Mitchell starred in The Glee Project and made it until the seventh week, Sexuality (TGP). Cameron was accepted onto the show because of his voice, sweet moves and ability to write amazing, original songs.


[edit] About

Unlike many of the other actual Glee characters, Cameron offers a different perspective onto the show - Christianity. As most Glee fans know, Glee is all about expressing who you are, but it also consists of many sex-addicted high schoolers. Ryan Murphy, director of the show, expressed interest in Cameron because he could connect to the celibate audience of Glee.

During Cameron's run his nice and sweet personality won over many fans and even Ryan himself! Cameron eventually took himself out of the contest, though, because he wanted to stick with what he believed in and what he grew up with. This brave and very hard move for Cameron - as he loved the Glee Project - only displayed his loyalty to his beliefs even more.

[edit] Songs Performed

Like everyone else who had been in the shows featuring these songs, Cameron played in Firework by Katy Perry, We're Not Going To Take It by Twisted Sister, Mad World by Michael Andrews, U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer, Nowadays by Chicago, Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice and Under Pressure by Queen, and Teenage Dream by Katy Perry was his last.

[edit] Last Chance Performances

Cameron's inability to cast a blind eye on his religious beliefs landed him in the bottom three many times. This unique personality, ironically, was also the reason he got as far as he did, leaving by his decision.

  • In the third episode, Vulnerability (TGP), Cameron sung Your Song by Elton John.
  • In Pairability (TGP), Lindsay and him sung River Deep - Mountain High by Ike and Tina Turner. Cameron was sent to the bottom three after this due to Lindsay's overpowering voice and overall performance.
  • In Tenacity (TGP), Cameron plays his own song, Love Can Wait. He used this song in his original audition and expressed his unique talent by using it once again in front of Ryan Murphy. Despite his belief that Marissa would prevail, he remained while she was sent packing.
  • In Sexuality (TGP), Cameron sung Black Bird by The Beatles. After his amazing performance he announces that this show was not for him and that he'd like to quit. Ryan Murphy privately asks him to remain, but was rejected kindly, as Cameron wanted to stick to what he believed in. Ryan announces that Damian McGinty Jr. would have been the contender eliminated if Cameron had not backed out.

[edit] Homework Assignments

During Cameron's time on the show, he did not win a single Homework Assignment.

[edit] Elimination Date

During the seventh week, Sexuality TGP, Cameron faced obvious difficulties. He was asked to kiss other cast members and show his 'sexy side', but he believes in Christianity and saving himself for marriage. Being stuck between his love and will to compete and his beliefs tore him apart and ruined his week for him. He was sent to the bottom three for refusing to cooperate.

During his last chance performance he announced that he was home sick and would rather stick to his life long beliefs than be someone he wasn't. Admiring this, Ryan privately asked him to stay, but was rejected. Cameron ended up requesting to leave and saved Damien, a future winner, from elimation

Contestant Elimination Date Episode
Bryce Ross-Johnson June 12, 2011 Individuality
Ellis Wylie June 19, 2011 Theatricality
Emily Vásquez June 26, 2011 Vulnerability
McKynleigh Abraham July 10, 2011 Dance Ability
Matheus Fernandes July 17, 2011 Pairability
Marissa von Bleicken July 24, 2011 Tenacity
Cameron Mitchell July 31, 2011 Sexuality
Hannah Mclalwain August 7, 2011 Believability
Samuel Larsen Winner Glee-ality
Lindsay Pearce Runner-Up Glee-ality
Damian McGinty Jr. Winner Glee-ality
Alex Newell Runner-Up Glee-ality
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