Bryce Ross-Johnson

Bryce Ross-Johnson
Bryce Ross-Johnson.jpg
Age 22
Hometown Westlake Village, California
Date Eliminated June 12, 2011

Bryce Ross-Johnson was a competitor on The Glee Project, a reality audition for the hit TV show, Glee.


[edit] About

Bryce Ross-Johnson has been in love with music ever since he picked up his first acoustic guitar as a thirteen-year-old in junior highschool. When in his Junior year of highschool, Bryce discovered the theatre department at his school and for the first time felt comfortable and happy with something.

[edit] Songs Performed

The single music shoot that Bryce performed in was Firework by Katy Perry, the first music video of the show. With the company of the entire cast, Bryce also performed Raise Your Glass by Pink in Glee-Ality.

[edit] Last Chance Performances

As Bryce only got one episode to be in, he was only able to sing a single last chance performance song - his first and last of the season.

  • Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars. Though Bryce gave it his all, someone had to be the first to get sent home. Sadly, Bryce was seen as the weakest of the bottom three.

[edit] Homework Assignments

Bryce failed his first and only attempt at winning a Homework Assignment on the first show.

[edit] Elimination Date

Bryce was eliminated on June 12, 2011, on the episode Individuality. Bryce was the very first contender to be eliminated in season one.

Contestant Elimination Date Episode
Bryce Ross-Johnson June 12, 2011 Individuality
Ellis Wylie June 19, 2011 Theatricality
Emily Vásquez June 26, 2011 Vulnerability
McKynleigh Abraham July 10, 2011 Dance Ability
Matheus Fernandes July 17, 2011 Pairability
Marissa von Bleicken July 24, 2011 Tenacity
Cameron Mitchell July 31, 2011 Sexuality
Hannah Mclalwain August 7, 2011 Believability
Samuel Larsen Winner Glee-ality
Lindsay Pearce Runner-Up Glee-ality
Damian McGinty Jr. Winner Glee-ality
Alex Newell Runner-Up Glee-ality
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