Brittany Pierce

Brittany Pierce
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Heather Morris as portrayed in Glee
General Information
Gender Male
Age 18
Hair Color blonde
Dating Santana Lopez
Ex-Relationships Artie Abrams; Kurt Hummel; Noah Puckerman (slept with); Mike Chang; Finn Hudson (one date)
Family N/A
Friends New Directions; Cheerios; Lord Tubbington
First Appearance Showmance (E2)
Played By Heather Morris

Brittany Pierce is a student at William McKinley High School. Brittany isn't the smartest girl there, but she's got a good singing voice, and some hot moves. Despite hardly knowing what she's doing, Brittany is easily considered one of the best female dancers in the group - ranking right up there with Mike Chang. She is best friends forever with Santana Lopez and Quinn Fabray, and is apart of the Cheerios.

As of Season Three, Brittany leaves New Directions for The Troubletones, a choir group recently brought to William McKinley High School. She rejoins New Directions episodes later.

Brittany is currently lacking the credits to graduate and will be repeating her senior year as a super senior.


[edit] Biography

[edit] Before the Show

Like her two friends, Britanny only joined the group to sabatoge it and relay the information to her chearleading coach, Sue Sylvester. Her deep love for dancing and singing, however, urged her to stay, so she did. Her and her two best friends remained in the group as active contributors and primary roles.

[edit] Season 2

Season 2 shows a lot more of Brittany. At first, she was the popular cheerleader, who stood next to Quinn Fabray. She really came out in season 2, and now we know a lot more about her personality.

[edit] Season 3

[edit] I Am Unicorn

In attempt to run for William McKinley presidency, Brittany hopes to be vice president along with a candidate she feels to be a unique individual. Brittany scouts Kurt Hummel as an ideal candidate whom she feels represents individuality and confronts him about her campaign of being a "unicorn", a creature she feels represents uniqueness and individuality better than anything else. Kurt initially feels the unicorn slogan of, "I Am Unicorn" pushes his homosexual boundaries and presents himself as being 'too gay', but after speaking it over with his father, Burt Hummel, feels the campaign fits his character perfectly. When Kurt attempts to reapply himself as her president, she tells him that she'll be running too.

[edit] Asian F

Brittany is first seen singing Spotlight with Mercedes and Tina. After the song, Brittany and Santana Lopez confront Kurt Hummel and Rachel Berry, other presidential candidates, about how male leaders have brought the world to ruin and that a womanly figure needs to be appointed for the school. Santana Lopez tells Brittany that a flash mob is being arranged in the gymnasium in hopes of getting more voters and Brittany breaks out into Run the World (Girls) to which the crowd goes wild. Brittany then decides to join Booty Camp with the other New Directions kids despite her skill in dancing already present.

[edit] Pot O' Gold

Brittany gets a new roomate to her house - Rory Flanagan, a student visiting from Ireland. Because of his love for the color green and irish accent, Brittany perceives him to be a leprachaun.

Brittany promises Rory that if he grants her three wishes that he can "obtain her pot of gold." The real meaning behind this is never given, though it's left to assume that it meant sex. The first wish that Brittany asks for is "a box of lucky charms full of all marshmellows," which Rory completes. Her second wish she asks for is "for Lord Tubbington to poop candy," which Rory completes; the third wish, however, is interrupted by Santana Lopez who is growing angry with New Directions and aspires to join The Troubletones with Mercedes Jones. Santana gets Rory to use his wish to trick Brittany into joining The Troubletones and leaving New Directions. Brittany later discovers that there is in fact no Leprauchans and that Rory is a liar, ruining their friendship.

[edit] The First Time

Brittany is first mentioned when Artie Abrams attempts to get Blaine Anderson and Rachel Berry, his two lead roles in West Side Story, to present the audience with more passion. He recommends the two lose their virginity because when he lost his to Brittany Pierce, he felt amazing and full of passion and masculinity.

Brittany is also present when the cast of West Side Story thanks Artie for being the director of the play and hands him a bouquet of flowers.

[edit] Mash Off

Brittany competes in the dodge ball game in which The Troubletones wildly defeat the New Directions. After the match, she doesn't necessarily vote Mercedes as the choir captain but talks Santana into allowing it for the time being.

During the presidential speeches, Brittany promises to outlaw tornadoes but to also create topless Tuesday. Brittany's ridiculous campaign (when compared to Kurt's honest one) receives a warm welcome from an ecstatic crowd.

Brittany makes an appearance during the Mash Off against New Directions as she performs for The Troubletones. Brittany and Santana both appear nervous during the performance of Rumour Has It/Someone Like You because of their knowledge that Santana will soon be outed as a lesbian.

[edit] I Kissed A Girl

Voting for McKinley's senior president arrives and Brittany is seen bribing the students with Pixie Stix, telling them, "it's good for concentration!" When Rachel Berry attempts to bring the bribery to Principle Figgins' attention, however, he ignores it because he thinks "they're good."

During the voting process it is shown that Quinn and Santana both vote for Brittany to be president and Jacob Ben Israel's calculations as to who is in the lead shows Brittany by a landslide.

Later when Santana is approached about being lesbian and is asked out by a guy to "turn her normal", Brittany defends Santana by saying, "she is normal!" Brittany initially congratulates Kurt for winning the presidential election until it is discovered that irregularities occurred and it was Brittany who won. Kurt congratulates her for her election.

[edit] Hold on to Sixteen

When Brittany and the rest of The Troubletones perform Survivor/I Will Survivor and get second place, Brittany questions whether or not New Directions will take them back. Despite initially neglecting the idea, New Directions sings We Are Young and welcome back Mercedes, Santana, Sugar and Brittany into their group.

[edit] Relationships

Brittany's relationships are rather confusing. Having made out with pratically everyone in the school; including girls, Brittany also had a breif relationship with Kurt Hummel and a serious relationship with Artie Abrams.

[edit] Santana Lopez

At the end of season 2, we find out that Brittany's true feelings lie with her best friend, Santana Lopez. It's not until Season Three when Santana's feelings are publicly announced to be for Brittany, as Brittany's for Santana's.

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