Booty Camp

In Season Three of Glee, Will Schuester decides to step his game up a notch in order to win sectionals and then regionals this year, knowing that this year is his last with most of his kids. To do this, he establishes Booty Camp, an afterschool program to improve dance-challenged members of New Directions' dance ability.

[edit] About

When this was first introduced in Season Three, the camp is displayed as an extremely challenging thing to do afterschool. Will pushes his kids until (in some cases) they leave the group altogether.

[edit] Season 3 Cast

[edit] Coach

To help him teach the kids how to dance, Will Schuester promotes Mike Chang, the group's dancer, to a coach as well. Together, the two perform increasingly difficult dance routines which the kids in the program are expected to improve on. Mike's a very helpful, generous coach to the kids, but he pushes them just as hard as Will does!

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