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The following page is a biography of Blaine Anderson as he is seen in Season Three.


[edit] Season Three

Blaine's first appearance in season three as a McKinley High student

During Season Three, Blaine transfers to William McKinley High School for Kurt Hummel. Blaine tries not to get in the way of how things work in New Directions and offers his advice when needed. His voice tends to make Finn envious, as he feels like Blaine is overshining him. Blaine's intentions, as seen by his song Last Friday Night sung by Katy Perry, are purely to rebind the New Directions under the friendly feeling they started out with.

[edit] I Am Unicorn

Blaine tried out for the male lead role in the current play, West Side Story. When he learns that Kurt, too, applied, he tells Kurt that he'll ask to be a more minor role, allowing the senior and his boyfriend the role. His initial audition impressed the judges, Artie Abrams, Coach Beiste and Emma Pillsberry so much, though, that they asked him to have the part. Kurt was at first upset, but after a talk with his dad, Kurt tells Blaine that he's fine with him getting the part, and that the judges would be insane if they didn't accept him.

[edit] Asian F

Blaine is told that he got the role as Tony, the male lead in West Side Story and Rachel Berry got Maria, the female lead. Kurt brings Blaine a bouqet of flowers as an apology for getting upset with him earlier.

[edit] Pot O' Gold

Blaine tries to alleviate the sorrow that New Directions is in after the loss of Mercedes Jones. Blaine sings Last Friday Night in hopes of getting the group into a happier vibe. His song upsets Santana, though, and she storms out declaring that the club is "a Rachel and Blaine show".

[edit] The First Time

Blaine is told by Artie Abrams (told also to Rachel Berry) that he isn't portraying Tony with accuracy because he's still a virgin. Hearing this, Blaine is later seen asking Kurt if they should live life fuller and with more meaning, trying things they haven't yet. He notices Kurt's awkwardness with the subject and tells him that "that's what masturbation is for," a sign that Blaine is willing to wait for Kurt's readiness. Later in the show, Sebastion Smythe, a new member at Dalton Academy, shows sexual interest for Blaine. Sebastion is a much more spontaneous character than both Blaine and Kurt, expressing sexual tension and desire for Blaine. Despite Blaine's telling him that he has a boyfriend, Sebastion gives both Blaine and Kurt fake I.D.'s to a gay bar in town. Kurt agrees to go partly out of jealousy and the attempt to live more spontaneous.

While there Kurt grows even more jealous, watching Blaine dance with Sebastion. By the time they're done, Blaine is drunk and begging to drive home. Kurt puts him in the back seat, though, and Blaine pulls him in with him, asking to "just do it now". Kurt is not ready to have sex and yells at Blaine, hurting Blaine and having him walk home alone.

After the following day's performance of West Side Story, Blaine apologizes; he was drunk and acting stupid. The two both congratulate the other on their performances, and Blaine tells Kurt how proud and happy he made him today, watching him on stage. Blaine suggests that they head to Breadstix for Artie's after party, but Kurt asks if Blaine will take him back to Blaine's house.

The next scene portrays the two laying in bed, about to or already done with having sex.

[edit] I Kissed a Girl

Blaine supports Santana's sexuality by singing Perfect by Pink with Kurt Hummel. Santana isn't yet ready to admit her sexuality and tells them that it was a horrible performance.

[edit] Hold on to Sixteen

Blaine finally gets tired of Finn's constant hostility towards him and breaks when Sam Evans suggests 'selling sex', a suggestion Blaine doesn't agree with. The two of them get into a fight which Will soon breaks up, frustrating Blaine to the point where he walks off. Finn then finds him in the locker room and is told that the punching bag that Blaine is punching also represents him. Finn finally reveals his intimidation and jealousy towards Blaine and that they need him now that Rachel is gone. He promises Blaine that he'll step down as long as they work together to get the team back.

[edit] Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Blaine is the host of Artie Abrams' holiday special along with Kurt.

[edit] Michael

Blaine Anderson initiates the tribute to the famous, dead singer by singing Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' in the hallways of Mckinley. Later, Blaine quizzes some other New Direction kids on who they believe to be the best Michael Jackson song. Sebastion Smythe appears shortly after and announces that he knows about New Directions' plans to sing a Michael Jackson tribute at Regionals. Upon investigation, the others learn that Blaine was the one who let it slip over a phone call; a comment Kurt Hummel, his boyfriend, doesn't take kindly. Blaine's contact with Sebastion creates suspicion within New Directions, specifically in Noah Puckerman who verbally announces his distrust in Blaine.

When Will Schuester enters to question the attack on their song choice, Blaine suggests doing what Michael would do to get back at The Warblers: to take it to the streets. Santana and Blaine are then seen, hooded, confronting The Warblers in an empty, dark parking lot to perform Bad - the winner obtaining the right to perform Michael at Regionals. When the song finishes, Sebastion, clutching a tampered slushie (that he refuses to admit being tampered with until later in the show), attempts to slushie Kurt but is interfered by Blaine who, upon trying to save Kurt, takes the rock-filled slushie to the eye and is sent to the hospital with an injured cornia. Kurt later reveals that he will need surgery.

Kurt Hummel, Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson meet him in his room and perform Ben to keep him company and comforted in his absence of what he thought to be one of his favorite weeks in concerns with Michael. Blaine thanks them kindly and admits his fear over his upcoming surgery.

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