Blaine Anderson

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Blaine Anderson
Blaine Anderson.png

Darren Criss as portrayed in Glee
General Information
Gender Male
Age 17
Hair Color dark brown
Dating N/A
Ex-Relationships Kurt Hummel; Jeremiah (ex-crush); Sebastian Smythe (crushed on)
Family Cooper Anderson (older brother)
Friends New Directions; Dalton Academy Warblers
First Appearance Never Been Kissed
Played By Darren Criss

Blaine Anderson is currently a senior at William McKinley High School and a main character on Glee. He is an active member of New Directions and is a former leader of The Warblers, his previous school that he left in order to be with his boyfriend, Kurt Hummel. His relationship with Kurt ended as of The Break-Up when Blaine confronts Kurt about cheating on him while he's away in New York.


[edit] Biography

Blaine Anderson is both openly homosexual and proud. As a child, Blaine's older brother, Cooper Anderson, was domineering and rude to Blaine. Blaine has stored anger towards his older brother because of this. Before Blaine attended the Dalton Academy Warblers, he was brutally bullied. Blaine took the only other openly homosexual at the school to a school dance. The two of them were jumped before Blaine's dates father could pick them up, scarring Blaine and compelling him to transfer schools to Dalton because of their zero-bully-tolerance. Blaine transfers to William McKinley High School as of Season Three in order to be with his current boyfriend at the time, Kurt Hummel.

[edit] Personality

Blaine Anderson is a very charming, young and ambitious character on Glee. His proud, hard exterior often belittles his insecurities that he has. Blaine is generally known to fit into most social standings despite his sexuality. Blaine does not fall under the stereotypical homosexual tendencies but instead makes himself an individual by expanding the view on homosexuality otherwise thought non-existent. What Kurt Hummel isn't in a homosexual high school student, Blaine Anderson is.

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