Asian F (E47)

Asian F
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Episode 47, Asian F
Aired October 4th, 2011
Directory Season Three, Episode 3

Asian F is the third episode of Season Three of Glee. This episode is entirely about parents and their inability to lay down fair rules, as well as stressful weekly events and agendas. The kids of Glee Club feel the intensity of their new working routine and want to hit the showers, but Will Schuester doesn't allow it; he pushes them forward.

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The episode begins with Mercedes Jones arriving late to Booty Camp and being harrassed for it. She announces that she has no other time to eat - with school, homework, Booty Camp, etc. - so she could help but being late. Santana Lopez makes a rude comment about her wanting to eat, and that Mercedes needs help with her dancing. Mercedes says she doesn't feel good, but Will pushes her until Mercedes bursts! She explains that her daily agenda is too hard and that she needs a break, but Will replies saying that he needs her to do better.

In Will Schuester and Emma Pillsberry's house, Will finds Emma's wedding belongings and goes over his feelings about their future. He asks why he hasn't met her parents and requests to do so. Afraid, Emma pushes the subject away because she finds her parents extremely embarassing. Will, determined to meet her parents, invite them over without Emma's consent. He soon learns that he was not the problem, they were. Emma's parents are extreme ginger-lovers who surround themselves primarily with redheads. When Emma's mom makes a snyde remark about Emma's OCD, Will erupts and tells them off. He then apologizes to Emma for inviting them over without her approval, but Emma is proud of the way he stood up for her.

As noted by the episodes title, Mike Chang receives an A- in a class, otherwise known as an "Asian F". In response to this, Mike's dad talks to the principle about him being drugged tested every day. He then goes further about how the arts don't improve your chances of being in college, so he should cease his participation with the Glee Club and stop seeing Tina Cohen-Chang, as well as not try out for the role he had been practicing for for so long! After a short talk with Tina in the hallway, he announces that he will not be trying out for the part, despite the two of their constant practices after school. Shocked, Tina told him that when he dances that's the only time he's truly happy, and that he should stick up to his dad about it. Later in the episode Mike's mother sees him dancing and, to Mike's surprise, assists him in his dream of becoming a dancer - not a doctor or lawyer. She tells him that when he gets the part the two of them, together, will tell his father. Mike then learns that when she was a child she also loved to dance, but she was forbidden to take lessons. Mike jokingly tells her that he's been said to be a good instructor.

Along with her difficulties in Booty Camp, Mercedes Jones begins to feel immensely under-appreciated by everyone in New Directions. She's fed up with being the second best under Rachel Berry, so she, too, tries out for the lead role in the play. Shane Tinsley, her boyfriend, sees her hugging Rachel before the audition and scolds her for it. He tells her that Rachel is an enemy, now, and hugging can come after she wins. To the judges, Artie Abrams, Emma Pillsberry and Coach Beiste, Mercedes performs an extraordinary performance which matched Rachel's. They hold a recall, but can't decide who deserves the part after that, either. In conclusion, they decide to feature both of them as the role. Mercedes won't accept this, though, and gives Rachel the part because she knows she performed better. Later in the episode it gets worse, as Mercedes is unable to do the Widowmaker, the hardest dance move, in Booty Camp. She sings "It's All Over" as she walks out of the Glee Club indefinitely. It's later shown that she joins Shelby's Choir, a powerful voice Shelby's been looking for!

Meanwhile, Rachel Berry's feeling as though she needs to improve her last year of highschool, so she decides to run for class president, as well. When she tells Kurt this, another candidate, he tells her that she'll one day look back on this day and know that she just tossed her friends aside. Rachel explains that he should understand because he, too, is trying to stand out for his future; she doesn't believe she'll get the Maria role and needs a bumper. Kurt walks away from her.

The cast list for the play is then announced:

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