April Rhodes Civic Pavilion

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The April Rhodes Civic Pavilion, also known as McKinley High School's Audotorium, serves as New Directions' rehearsal stage and try outs for new members. The audotorium is named after April Rhodes, an old student at McKinley High School, given to the Glee Club in order to fund a safe, professional place for them to practice. The Pavilion also served as 2011 Sectionals host for New Directions, The Troubletones and The Unitards.

[edit] Biography

[edit] Season One

When April, previously poor and an alcoholic, becomes the mistress of a now-deceased old man, she inherits two-million dollars by his former wife in order to keep the affair a secret. Being old acquintances with Will Schuester and admiring the work he's doing with the kids, April donates money to secure the audotorium for New Directions and to keep Sue Sylvester away from taking it. Since then, Sue has left it alone.

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