Announcement: The Glee Project

Hey everyone. This is Symphonic Abyss. I wanted to let EVERYONE know NOW that I will allow pages regarding The Glee Project to be made on this wiki. However, if the pages turn out horrible, or if I have a sudden change of mind, there is a strong chance that I may cancel it. The Glee Project is not Glee, but an audition for Glee, and since Glee has normal auditions anyways, this really isn't too big of a special thing. I'm still very on the fence about this, so these pages will be under careful surveillance, and they will have a strict layout that I'll be setting very soon. As I personally don't know much about The Glee Project, if you have any suggestions for the layout, please contact me here!

Thanks everyone. Please remember that these pages are going to be under my (relatively) watchful eye, even moreso than all of the other pages on the wiki. When everything is all good and well, I'll lay off a little bit so that the pages can get a bit more customized. Right now, however, there's little room for persuading me. Sorry.

If you have anything you'd like to say about this announcement specifically, please use my user talk page, or this talk page.

--Symphonic Abyss 20:52, 17 August 2011 (PDT)

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