Adaptability (TGP2)

Adaptability (TGP2) is the fifth episode of The Glee Project season two. Robert announces that this week's theme, Adaptability, is crucial to the show Glee because of the constant change in the setting.


[edit] The Homework Assignment

This week's Homework Assignment is You Oughta Know. In the theme of Adaptability, Robert randomly hands out parts to the song as opposed to the traditional way of sorting through who wants what parts.

[edit] Mentor

This week's mentor is Artie Abrams, Glee's handicap-able member who has to face challenges being in a wheel chair despite never actually being handicapped. Artie tells the kids that challenges are always showing up on set for Glee, and last minute changes are every day occurrences, so the kids who are adaptable are those they're looking for.

To further go along with the theme of adaptability, he tells the kids that they will all individually perform the song instead of as a group performance. The task was daunting for some because they didn't know every word of the song, but others were happy to shine individually.

Artie comments that Michael made an acting choice that was at times too much, but he was pleased that Michael stuck with it throughout the performance rather than being undecided like some of the others. He tells Aylin that she did a wonderful job, saying, "you performed the hell out of it." Charlie changes the lyrics to be suitable for a guy singer, which he enjoyed. Ali, despite her fragile appearance, looked fierce during the performance which Artie thought was pleasant to watch. He tells Shanna that he admires that she stormed through the song despite knowing the least amount of lines.

[edit] Winner

Artie decides that Aylin Bayramoglu is the winner because of her outstanding performance. He confides that sometimes when things are uncertain, the one thing an actor or actress can hold on to is the song in a performance. He tells her to remember what the song truly means and to perform given that knowledge.

[edit] The Song

Because of Adaptability, the kids also won't know their song until they are in the booth and won't be given choreography until they are actually on set.

In the recording booth, Shanna and Michael are on fire. Nikki comments that she thinks Michael is doing much better now that he is not inside his own head. She also says Lily Mae Harington does well. Only Abraham and Ali are off pitch-wise and don't do well in the booth as opposed to the others who surprisingly did very well.

During the shoot, Charlie makes the performance all about him and upsets the mentors in doing so. Mario fails to act despite his belief in him being a great actor. Blake and Nellie both fade off during the group performance and don't appear to be as good as they traditionally are.

The song features Price Tag by Jesse J. The kids portray rich kids who slowly join the poorer kids in love rather than money. Aylin, the homework winner, is the last to join the poor kids and has to decide whether or not to join the less wealthy or to remain being the snotty, rich girl she is.

[edit] Last Chance Performances

Aylin is the standout for the week and immediately put on call back. Michael, Shanna, and Lily follow her on immediate call back.

They tell Nelli that she needs to pop in a group performance; her choices are not up to par. Blake has been high-flying during the contest but thinks too much rather than just performing. Abraham and Ali both lacked in the recording booth. Mario appeared flat in the shoot and must use his body as opposed to his eyes for emotion.

Continuing to follow the theme of adaptability, Ryan orders the bottom six to pair in groups of two for duets. After the duets, he will choose who deserves to be bottom three where he will then choose one to be sent home.

  • Ali is paired with Abraham - Last Friday Night
  • Mario is paired with Charlie - Dont let the sun go down on me
  • Blake is paired with Nellie - waiting on a girl/boy like you

Up first is Blake and Nellie who both struggled during the shoot. Ryan tells them that they both need to be more aggressive with winning the contest but did an excellent job.

Up second is Ali and Abraham who struggle with the wording of the song. Ryan compliments Ali on her cheery personality but does not comment on Abraham.

Lastly, Mario and Charlie perform their duet. Ryan similarly comments that they are both talented but that whether their personalities will be their downfall because there is plenty of talent during these weeks.

Ryan puts Blake, Nellie and Ali on call backs. He tells Abraham he is in bottom three because he had the weakest performance. Mario is inspirational but his acting is not good enough to be on the show. Charlie isn't professional and in the industry of television, that's a necessity.

Ryan decides to send Mario Bonds home.

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