Acafellas (E3)

Acafellas (E3)
Episode 3, Acafellas
Aired September 16th, 2009
Directory Season One, Episode 3

Acafellas is the third episode of Glee.

Will forms the Acafellas, an all-male acapella group. In will's absence, the club decides to hire a choreography to help them on their way to Nationals.

[edit] Information

Will Schuester announces Terri's pregnancy to his parents while at dinner. When Terri Schuester brings Will's mother into the craft room, soon-to-be nursery, Will's father bestows confidence in his son.

In the choir room, Will Schuester has the kids doing choreography not suitable for Nationals. Flashbacks reveal that Quinn Fabray and Santana Lopez talk Rachel into asking Will for a choreographer, rather than Rachel's outburst being solely self-thought. The scene cuts to Will in Emma Pillsbury's office, asking for advice concerning his future son and glee club problems.

Will, Sandy, Ken Tanaka and Henri St. Pierre, the wood shop teacher, celebrate his return from the hospital after a table saw mishap. His thumbs were severed in the accident, and Howard Bamboo, Terri's assistance, brings in the cake in Terri's absence. The faculty members sit in the teacher's lounge and swap sob stories until they perform For He's A Jolly Good Fellow. After their performance, Will decides to create an acapella group called Acafellas, featuring Howard, Ken, Henri and himself. Will rejects Sandy's request to be in the group, saying, "when you're in the group, it's weird." Will thinks that his being in a boy band has improved his sex life with Terri, commenting, "it's like she's trying to make a twin!" Terri, however, is trying to impregnate herself for real this time.

Rachel Berry approaches Will Schuester with cookies that she has baked, pleading for Will to return to the group. Will tells them that he'll still be present to help them be a group but that he thinks they should hire Dakota Stanley, a popular choreographer. In the choir room, Finn expresses anger at Rachel for "kicking him in the nads". Santana Lopez and Quinn Fabray assure the club that their motive is to win, and with Will out of the way they can now hire Dakota Stanley and get that much closer to victory.

Finn catches up with Rachel who agrees that it's all about winning, not about pleasing Will Schuester. Rachel promises Finn that she's going to do what it takes to boost her future career and that nothing he does - whether it means him quitting or not - is going to stop her.

Sue Sylvester talks with Santana Lopez and Quinn Fabray about the glee club's current status. They report that Will rarely makes appearances at rehearsals anymore and that, within fifteen minutes, they will all quit when Dakota Stanley arrives. Sue expresses grattitude in the two's work and hopes that her salary will return to normal once the glee club is no more.

Mercedes Jones watches couples in the hallway kiss eachother and asks Kurt Hummel if he's ever kissed anyone. Kurt tells her that he has not but that he has interest in doing so. He reminds her that they are on the bottom of the social ladder but that, eventually, they will be better than everyone who's above them. She smiles at his optimism as he brings her through the hallway and asks her what she'll be wearing the following day. Just then, Santana and Quinn catch up with Mercedes and encourage her to ask Kurt out.

Will and Acafellas perform Poison in a small club outside of school. Emma is very evidentally turned on by Will's performance but asks as if it's for Ken Tanaka. Will's parents tell Will that they sold all eighteen of their CD's and tell Will that they're extremely proud. Principal Figgins approaches Will and his father and asks Will to be the main event at an upcoming PTA meeting.

In the teacher's lounge, Will reads a newspaper article about the Acafellas which compliments the group and compares them to artists like Michael Buble. Sandy (who hasn't been allowed to join the group yet) bribes Acafellas to let him in by telling them that his friend, Josh Groban, will be there at the PTA meeting and is looking for an opening act.

New Directions make their way to Vocal Adrenaline's rehearsal to talk to Dakota Stanley, a choreographer who works with Vocal Adrenaline. Mercedes asks Kurt on a date just before they find Andrea Cohen, a performer for Vocal Adrenaline, who warns them not to hire Stanley, describing him as, "a monster!"

The kids continue into the audotorium regardless and witness an amazing performance by Vocal Adrenaline, their rivals, who perform Mercy by Duffy. Dakota tells them to get off their stage. Rachel Berry and the rest of New Directions catch up with him after the performance and ask him to choreograph for them. He tells them that it costs $8,000 plus a $10,000 bonus if they place third or higher. The group ponders over how they can get so much money in such little time.

In the choir room Will tries to teach Ken dance moves when Howard calls and quits the group. Emma walks in shortly after to break the bad news about Henri, a cough syrup addict, downing six bottles and being in the emergency room with Sandy. Emma attempts to get Will to stay strong rather than quit.

Finn Hudson finds Will and tells him that he's quitting New Directions, too. Will denies 'quitting' Glee Club, but Finn doesn't find the fun in it anymore. Will, in attempts to get Finn enjoying music again, asks Finn to join Acafellas. Similarly, Noah Puckerman asks his football coach, Ken, if he can join Acafellas in pursuit of older women.

At a rehearsal, Will finds trouble teaching Finn and Noah how to dance. Will uses the analogy of baseball to teach them to relax.

Rachel and Tina approach Mercedes about Kurt's sexuality. The two think that Kurt is homosexual and don't want Mercedes to get hurt because Kurt fails to have feelings for her. Mercedes jumps in his defense by telling the two that his love for fashion doesn't necessarily mean he's homosexual. Mercedes says she's tired of feeling lonely and that, it may not be 'enough' for them, but it's enough for her.

Emma compliments Sue's participation in the car wash to earn New Directions enough money to hire Dakota Stanley. Ironically, Sue is only offering her Cheerios so that Dakota Stanley can be hired and eventually the club will disband.

Mercedes and Kurt talk while washing his car. She fails to notice the signs that he's homosexual and ask if he can make the fact that they're dating official. Kurt tells her that he, "thought I made it clear. I'm in love with someone else." Kurt's eyes glance at Finn Hudson, proving his sexuality to be homosexual, but Mercedes thinks he's looking at Rachel who is nearby Finn. Mercedes performs Bust Your Windows with the cheerios as she throws a rock through Kurt's windshield.

Dakota Stanley is passing out personalized menus to New Directions which feature what they should be eating on a daily basis. He immediately cuts Artie Abrams who isn't trying hard enough. When asked at what, he tells him that he isn't trying hard enough at walking. He also kicks Mercedes out. He tells Santana, Quinn and Brittany that they are perfect. Dakota Stanley tells them that he's only speaking about the truth, rather than fill their heads with false hopes. Tina, Finn, Artie, Mercedes and Kurt all begin leaving the room. Rachel interrupts and, in celebration of their diversity, wants to fire Dakota Stanley.

In preperation for the Acafella performance, Will suits Finn and Noah up. Finn thanks Will for believing in him. Sandy runs into the room ecstatic about Josh Groban's appearance. Acafellas perform I Wanna Sex You Up at the PTA meeting. The meeting gives Acafella a standing ovation.

Josh Groban enters the room and asks for Sandy. He says that he wants Sandy to stop emailing him and hands him a restraining order. To Acafellas dissapointment, Josh was only present to give Sandy his restraining order, not because they were friends. He does tell the group that they had a brilliant performance.

Terri apologizes for not being as supportive as she could have been. Will's father meets him outside the PTA meeting and thanks Will for inspiring him. He says that he's going to join law school.

Mercedes finds Kurt in the hallway and apologizes for what she did to his car. She turns to leave before joking about the possibility of Kurt and Rachel babies, telling him that she has no hard feelings. Kurt tears up as he tells her the truth about his sexuality and that he is gay, not in love with Rachel. Mercedes assures him that she has no problems with it and encourages him to be proud of himself and tell others. Kurt doesn't believe he's that confident.

Quinn and Santana report back to Sue about Dakota's being fired, Will's return and the glee club's confidence being higher than ever. Sue revokes their tanning booth priveleges for the remainder of the year, forcing Santana out in tears. Before Quinn leaves, however, she thanks Sue for a valuable lesson: that, when you believe in yourself, you don't have to bring others down.

The show ends with Will and New Directions performing an act. When they finish, a nervous Will asks for feedback. Rachel tells him it was, "really good."

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