A Very Glee Christmas (E32)

A Very Glee Christmas (E32)

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Aired December 6, 2011
Directory Season Three, Episode 8

A Very Glee Christmas (E32) is Season Two's tenth episode celebrating the holiday season.

[edit] Information

Christmas has found its way to McKinley High, and Finn has taken it upon himself to make sure everyone is in the holiday spirit. Meanwhile, Brittany still believes in Santa Claus, so Artie recruits the Glee club to help keep the magic alive for her. Of course, Sue can't be left out of all the fun, or rather, she can't help but ruin the fun as she rigs the Secret Santa and becomes quite literally, the Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

The show begins with Emma Pillsberry walking into the teacher's lounge to ask if things between her and Will Schuester are ok now that he knows she's getting married to Carl.

Coach Beiste comes in with secret Santa, asking everyone to pick a name and deal with it. Will opens his to reveal that he got Sue Sylvester - a name he doesn't look especially excited about.

Artie Abram and Brittany Pierce are outside her holiday-themed locker in the hallway when she asks him what he wants for Christmas. Artie jokingly says that he only asked his parents to stop friend requesting him on facebook. She then goes on to ask him what he's going to ask Santa - a question Artie initially laughs at until he realizes Brittany is not joking.

New Directions sing The Most Wonderful Day of the Year while they put up decorations on a tree in the choir room. Will enters and says that this is not what Christmas is supposed to be about. Mercedes Jones disagrees, though, saying that despite winning Sectionals two years in a row, they're still treated badly around school. Will Schuester says that they're going to go carolling classroom to classroom in order to raise money for the homeless shelter this year. The group is shocked, noting that they're going to get killed. Finn reassures them, though, and says that it's Christmas time, thus a reason to give to others.

Mercedes Jones leads We Need a Little Christmas in a classroom to which negatively responds to their singing. The teacher even throws a shoe at them, compelling them to run out of the classroom.

Back in the choir room they're decorating a much nicer looking tree which Finn reveals to be given to them by Will. They're all disapointed and ashamed that their first carolling experience went bad. Brittany interrupts them and says that Santa can do anything. This year she asked him to stop kids from picking on them and that they shouldn't have to worry any longer. Lauren Zises wonders if this 'is for real', triggering Artie to call everyong albeit Brittany into a huddle where he announces Brittany's belief in Santa still. They all agree that they won't break it to her.

Rachel asks Finn to meet her in the audotorium at 4:00 while they continue to dress the tree up in decoration.

Brittany Pierce and New Directions are at the mall near a mall Santa Claus. Brittay leans over to a elf and asks, "I don't understand the difference between an elf and a slave," to which the elf walks away from. Quinn Fabray refuses to sit in the Santa's lap, but Artie assures them all that if they do it, Brittany will believe strongly enough to withstand all the disbelievers until Christmas time. Tina Cohen-Chang and the others don't believe it'll work, but Mercedes Jones ges up their first.

They ask for the following:

  • Mercedes asks for a pony and a doll that laughs and cries.
  • Lauren asks for Puck to love her and sweet potato fries
  • Santana Lopez asks for Bling, "and I can't be more specific than that."
  • Quinn Fabray asks for something to conceal stretch marks.
  • Mike Chang asks for Channing Tatum to stop 'being in stuff'.
  • Tina Cohen-Chang asks for "asian santa"
  • Finally, Brittany Pierce asks for him to be able to walk. She asks if he'll be able to do that, to which the Santa Claus says yes. Artie is disapointed, though, knowing that they won't be able to assure her belief.

Rachel Berry is in the audotorium with Finn Hudson, asking if he likes her winter wonderland that she constructed. She hands him a present despite not normally getting presents. It is a note saying that he can get one song from her. He refuses it, though, saying that he is not ready to forgive her yet. Rachel goes ahead to sing Merry Christmas, Darling, anyway, noting that the AV club spent so long on the snow. The scene flashes to Quin and Sam Evans kissing, fueling Rachel's longing for Finn again.

Will Schuester is writing 'present ideas' down on a piece of paper. As number one, he writes, "Dog Robot." For number two, he writes, "A Soul" and he can't think of a third before tossing the paper away.

Blaine Anderson scares Kurt Hummel while he is studying. He asks Kurt to stop studying and help him with his rehearsing for Baby It's Cold Outside. The song ends and Kurt says he's ready.

Just then Will enters and asks if Blaine is someone special. Kurt lies and says that he's just a friend but that he is gay and he's in love with him. Will asks if Kurt will help him with Christmas shopping. The scene cuts to Terri Schuester opening a present that she evidently doesn't enjoy. He asks if he'll help her get a present for Sue. He agrees.

Will bumps into Emma in the hallway as she holds a very neatly wrapped present. He asks who it's for and she says it's for Sue since she drew her. Will gets upset and says that she's his secret santa. Coach Beiste interupts and says that Sue is her secret santa, too. Sue rigged the box so that everyone got her a present.

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