A Night of Neglect (E39)

A Night of Neglect (E39)

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Aired April 19, 2011
Directory Season Two, Episode 39

A Night of Neglect is the thirty-ninth episode in the Glee series. It focused mainly on the characters that were shadowed, and what they have recently done. The musical focus was artists who had never gotten much respect from their "amazing" music.

This episode's character development focused mainly around Mercedes Jones and Lauren Zises. Mercedes felt under-appreciated, because she thinks that she is by far the best singer in New Directions. Lauren does tell her this, and together, they give Mercedes a new, disliked, diva attitude. One example of this is when she asks for a "fresh puppy to dry her hands on".

[edit] Songs

Original Song --> A Night of Neglect (E39) <-- Born This Way
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