The Troubletones

The Troubletons are a choir group at William McKinley High School and pose a threat to New Directions and the members in it. It is William McKinley High School's second choir-based group and is composed of all female singers. The group is directed by Shelby Corcoran. The Troubletones are a sub-group of New Directions who defected for various reasons.

As of Hold On To Sixteen, the club is no more and rejoined New Directions.


The Troubletones do not appear in Season One or Season Two and make a short appearance during Season Three.

Season Three

From the start of Season Three, The Purple Piano Project, Shelby Corcoran announces her return to William McKinley High School as a choir teacher. When Sugar Motta is rejected by New Directions because of her inability to sing, her dad asks Shelby to coach Sugar into a singing star, Sugar's dream.

In Asian F, the third episode in Season Three, Mercedes Jones is placed under an immense amount of pressure. She's struggling at school, trying to perform her best at Booty Camp and trying to get the lead role in the school's play, ahead of Rachel Berry. When she consistantly shows up to Booty Camp late and unable to perform, Will Schuester pushes her beyond her boundary. He claims that she's able to do more, but she quits the group and joins up with Shelby and her group to get the spotlight. In this group there is no Rachel Berry's, so Mercedes is given the limelight she thinks she deserves.

In Pot O' Gold, Santana Lopez is fed up with the constant fight for limelight with Rachel Berry, similar to Mercedes. She tells Brittany Pierce that she'd be willing to join Shelby's all-girl group to obtain the spotlight they deserve if and only if she'd follow. Brittany doesn't want to break any of the friendships that she has acquired through New Directions, so she declines.

Santana tricks Rory Flanagan into performing his last "wish" on Brittany to get her to join Shelby's group. Brittany knows she can't go against a Leprauchan's wish, so she happily joins the club as long as the wish also means that her friendships won't be destroyed.

Together, Mercedes, Brittany, and Santana make up a dangerous and very talented all-girl club appropriately named "The Troubletons" because of their sassy, girl-pride personalities. Sugar Manta expresses her joy at the three's acceptance to join, but she is told that she's a prop and is only there because of her dad's money. Sugar happily agrees to follow as long as she gets to be seen on stage.

During I Kissed A Girl, The Troubletones unite with New Directions to defend Santana Lopez from the casulties from those who heard about her sexuality. Together they sing I Kissed A Girl, among other all-girl songs, with New Directions to help Santana. In general the group seems to be taking a liking in the New Directions and their reach to be friends with them.

Performance of I Will Survive/Survivor

In Hold On To Sixteen, The Troubletones faced New Directions and The Unitards in Sectionals, a competition to see who won and moved on to Regionals. The Troubletones walked into the choir room and offered, in the case of a New Direction loss, that they could join them for Regionals that year. They were scolded for the rudeness.

The Troubletones were ranked second place during Sectionals. Quinn Fabray convinces Brittany, Santana and Mercedes to rejoin New Directions again. They bring Sugar Motta along with them, and the club disbands.

What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)

In On My Way, Will Schuester follows through with his offer of letting The Troubletones perform at regionals. Mercedes, Santana, Brittany and Sugar perform What Does Kill You (Stronger) as one of New Directions' songs, leaving the audience in a standing ovation.

Performance of Edge of Glory

In Props, The Troubletones are asked once again to perform a song at Nationals. The song list made by Will and Sue Sylvester gives The Troubletones the song Edge of Glory to open up their performance at Nationals. Just before their performance, Mercedes Jones comes down with a fever and her stop is replaced with Quinn Fabray and Tina Cohen-Chang, who both feel they can't perform to par. Mercedes recovers in time but Quinn and Tina remain for the performance. Their song, along with those performed by the rest of New Directions, won New Directions their first first place trophy at Nationals.

Former Members

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